About Harish

Hi, I’m Harish. I help business owners get more customers with high-performance WordPress websites and effective SEO campaigns.

A freelancer working with people around the world from my home office in Bengaluru, India. I believe that business is about more than just generating more profits. It’s about doing GOOD.

That’s why I put as much energy into giving back.

I’m 28 years old, helping awesome people to build ambitious yet accessible websites and to create successful digital campaigns. Have been working for over 5 years and always been passionate about challenging ideas to get the best possible results.

My journey began with WordPress version 3.7. I. I saw the potential of WordPress a flexible open-source blogging platform and stuck with it. WordPress has now become the go-to content management system formillions, powering over 35% of websites on the entire internet.

Armed with my WordPress expertise and the desire to run my own freelance business, upon graduating from university I started my freelancing business aged 23.

As my WordPress development career progressed, I have learned additional digital marketing programs and honed my marketing skills.

A few years in business, I’ve partnered on projects for the companies – Myntra, Genisys Group, Twillostory, SimpliContract, Vida Biologica, VBR Academy, NIMHANS, SpringAir to name a few.

I always try to be up-to-date with the latest technologies and changes that come to the web and search engines.

Being a freelancer for a long time, I find it incredibly satisfied to help others get ahead by sharing my experience.

I write regularly for my blog, to my mailing list subscribers and post video tutorials on WP Harish YouTube channel.

Away from my desk, I teach WordPress and SEO, take photographs, and keen traveler.

My core values:

• Take time to understand your goals and objectives
• Offering exceptional services
• Delivering first-class customer support
• Great value for money
• Value long-term relationships

Certificates Earned

All of the relevant knowledge (and a lot more) remains stored in my remarkably space-efficient head.